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ANSA AQB & its Examination Centre are committed to provide its services with highest Integrity.

The Head AQB possess authority to manage the impartiality within his organization. The policies and procedures of the AQB and its administration are related to the criteria in which certification is sought, and they are fair and equitable among all candidates, and our procedures comply with all applicable local regulations and statutory requirements. The AQB selectes the examiner for the candidate being impartial chose examiners doesn't have conflict of interest with the candidate. If any conflict has been identified, the chief examiner has the authority to change the examiner.

All candidates are given equal importance for answering any queries related to examination. All such queries shall be made prior to the start of the examination. All materials provided for examination such as question banks, test specimens are not been used for training. The examiner is chosen to be independent of training.If any candidates falsifies any records of education, training or experience the AQB will void all examinations taken by the examinee and all such records would be revoked.

All Candidates for examination shall follow the examinaiton rules presented by the invigilator or examiner. Candidates proven cheating the examinaiton would be banned from taking any examinations for a period of not less than 1 year and all such results would be revoked.

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 ISO 9001


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RTC / SGNDT ISO 9712 Certification

How to get Certified?

Candidates shall got through a training process, WENS will accept previous trainings. The training shall meet the requirements of ISO 9712 & its related syllabuses.

You can choose RT, UT ( Incl PAUT, TOFD), MT, PT, VT, ET

Schedule the relevant examination

Students can convert their certification if they are valid and current to RTC or SGNDT ISO 9712 certification to the appropriate version . For details approach us.

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